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Below are some of the areas that I will cover in detail on Survival Hacks HQ. Join me on my preppers journey!

Your Get Home Bag

Building a GHB can seem pretty intimidating for first timers out there, so I’m going to list everything that goes in to my basic winter GHB. Keep in mind, you can add or remove items if you feel comfortable with something else. This is just what I personally carry in mine after many modifications and replacements. If you are building a get home bag, then learn how to do it on budget.

Survival Packs

5.11 Covrt18 BackpackThis is going to be a personal preference. I personally use (and LOVE) the 5.11 Tactical Covrt18 Pack. You want something durable, that doesn’t stand out and look “Tacti-cool”. This pack is rugged as hell, and has plenty of room for everything I carry.

It’s also stylish, and I don’t look like I’m filming for an episode of Doomsday Preppers. You could also get a messenger bag, computer backpack, or a bigger purse (for you females out there).

Cutting Tools

Mora Bushcraft Black Review 2

A cutting tool should definitely be a part of your EDC (Every Day Carry) items. I carry an Ontario RAT. It’s well priced, bomb-proof durable, sharpens super quick, and holds a great edge. I also carry a fixed blade Mora Companion in my pack. It’s crazy cheap, light, and has an insanely sharp carbon steel blade. It’s probably the best fixed blade knife for the money.

Check out my Bushcraft Knife Buyer’s Guide if you’re looking for a fixed blade. If you’re looking for a folder instead, my 38 Quality Cheap Folding Knives For Under $40 article might be useful.

Useful Multi-tools

Leatherman Skeletool CX

They’re just flat out nice to have when you need them. My Leatherman Skeletool CX has saved my hide a few times. There are also several quality multi-tools in the same price range. Pick one that you like best.

Best Flashlight/Headlamp

Lighting Ever LED HeadlampI prefer both. I personally carry a Lighting Ever LED Headlamp and a OXYLED MD50 Cree 500 Lumen Flashlight. The flashlight is insanely cheap, very bright, and has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack. You can also run it on 3 AAA batteries. (Which is why I keep 3 AAA batteries duct taped together in my pack)

Survival Water Bottles

I keep a full 32oz stainless bottle on the side of the pack, which is a great pack option.  An even better option is that it is hydration compatible, which is why I store an empty 3 Liter BONL Emerald Hydration Bladder inside.  I also carry a Survivor Water Filter, because they’re awesome.

Survivors Guide to Fire 

BONL FirestarterI carry this BONL Firestarter on a carabiner along with a small compass and a water-proof medicine container that houses my fire kit.

The kit is real basic, I pack a couple of packs of Wetfire Tinder along with a few waterproof matches and a cut out piece of striking paper (or sandpaper).  I also carry a Bic lighter in the pack, and one in my pocket for my EDC.

Best Survival Food 

S.O.S. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie barsI carry a pack of these SOS 3600 Calorie Bars.  No, they don’t taste very good, but it’s calories that you’re going to need traveling in cold weather.

You can eat them on the move and not have to worry about starving.  Between the water storage and these, I could survive (shelter permitting) for several days without problems.


I always carry a bandana stuffed down in or tied on to my pack somewhere.  Tons of uses from water filtration to fire starting to first aid.  Get several and keep them everywhere you can.

Best Ropes and Paracords


I carry several lengths of good ol’ 550 Paracord.  It’s insanely strong, versatile, and the individual strands can be broken down for more detailed things like fishing or trapping (if it comes to that).  I also carry about 10 feet of duct tape.

Best Survival Clothing/Footwear

You should try to dress accordingly to the weather to conserve pack space.  You should also have some warm clothes stored in your vehicle.  With that said, redundancies are necessity.  I carry an old pair of Timerland Chocorua Trail’s with an extra pair of Merino Wool socks stuffed down in them.  I also have a spare long sleeve shirt or base layer and a pair of cheap leather work gloves stuffed down in the other boot.

Preppers Shelter Kits

SOL bivvy

I carry a few smaller items in my shelter kit.  I carry a cheap SOL bivvy, a Wool Blanket, and a UST All-Weather Base Tarp, all wrapped up with a 55 gallon drum liner, stuffed inside a compression sack.  It fits quite well, and weighs a total of about 5 lbs.

Survivors First Aid 

first aid kitIf you don’t have any first-aid knowledge, I suggest taking some basic classes at a local facility.  A lot of times, the local emergency services off classes, and it’s time well spent.

Knowledge is the most important thing to have in survival situations, and first-aid is one of the most important things to know.

You can buy a prepackaged kit (this kit is pretty good) but as you learn more about things, you usually design your own kit.  Whatever route you take, make sure you have plenty of trauma gear (dressings, compress, QuickClot) and a variety of medications (such as pain relievers, allergy medications, antibiotic creams, etc.)

Personal Hygiene 

I carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer, 5 hypoallergenic baby wipes, some toilet paper, a small toothbrush, and travel size tooth paste.

N95 Particulate Mask 

N95 masks (like these from 3M) are a cheap insurance to have when facing any kind of disease threat.  They stop particulates much better than standard dust masks, and have been said to stop the flu virus.  You see these used in the medical field quite often.

Best Survivor Radios

When the weather hits and the lines go down, you want to keep up to date.  I personally own this Ambient Weather AM/FM/NOAA Emergency Radio.  It’s powered by hand cranking or solar power, has a built in flashlight(cheap, but it’s a redundancy), and it can charge your cell phone.  Very handy gear for around $20.  I keep a cheap pair of ear buds with it also.

Maps/  Nav (Best Compasses)

I keep a detailed map of my area with pre-planned routes home that I’ve sat down and marked with sharpies.  I also keep a UST Map Compass, a Rite In The Rain Kit, and a red glow stick with it.  You should always take the time to carefully plan and travel alternate routes home.

Concealed Carry Weapon Cases

If you have your CCW or you live in a state with legal concealed carry, you should by all means take advantage of that.  Take the class, pack a gun.  I keep my CCW rig on my person, but the 5.11 Covrt18  has a concealed carry system that’s very nice.  Make sure to pack some spare ammo/magazines.

Wrap Up

There you have it folks!  I had a blast putting this together, and I’ve got a TON of content coming soon.  I appreciate you stopping by, and I hope you’re a little more open to the idea of preparation.  With the proper knowledge and equipment, the coming winter can be a little easier to ride out.

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